City Profile: Dallas

The infamous Texas School Depository
On to the next stop in the Lone Star State: Dallas. There's a lot of history surrounding this city, and definitely not all of it good. 48 hours in one of the USA's fastest growing cities? No problem, allow me to guide you.


A chance to chill out

After staying in two hotels for five nights, my parents and I were looking forward to have our own individual spaces. In a previous post, I expressed my love for AirBnB and would definitely recommend it in Dallas as there are some fantastic residential areas and buildings, with lots of new developments. However, Stay-Alfred is also a great service and through them, we found the Elm Street Apartments which is located on the same street which leads to Dealey Plaza and has a gym with tons of equipment and a pool to relax in. I cannot stress how much I enjoyed staying there and the views from the building are wonderful, giving you a great panoramic view of one of the fastest growing cities in the USA.

JFK Tour

Dealey Plaza
One cannot visit Dallas without visiting the site of one of the greatest crimes of the 20th Century. The assassination of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, changed the world and quite possibly the course of human history. My parents remember the news on their small black and white television and as a history buff who has been watching FAR too much Buzzfeed Unsolved, this particular case had been in the forefront of my interests particularly since watching Oliver Stone's 'JFK'. Whilst there are several tours offering all different angles to the case; however, the JFK Assassination and Museum Tour my family and I did was absolutely incredible. The tour guide picks you up from your hotel/apartment/wherever and he has been studying this incident for over 20 years, so he is extremely knowledgeable about all angles of the event. 

The ticket also includes a ticket to the museum which is located inside the infamous Texas School Depository, where Lee Harvey Oswald shot the President. That space inside the building is now behind glass as it is still considered an 'active crime scene', but you can see the markings of the gun shot residue and the boxes Oswald hid himself behind. Being able to stand 10ft away from where he stood and seeing the same view of where the JFK's motorcade drove was extremely haunting, to stand close to where a sociopath decided to solidify his name as, to quote Aaron Burr from Hamilton, "the villain in your history". The museum tells the life of Kennedy from his father's role as the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom to the political decisions why JFK decided to go to Dallas. In addition to this, your tour guide guides your across the city to all the important sites which links to that fatal day, including where Oswald was living at the time, the site of the shooting of Police Officer J.D. Tippit, and the Texas Theatre where Oswald was arrested, all while explaining to the different angles of what occurred that day, the history of each person involved, as well as those ever-present conspiracy theories. This tour is not to be missed.

Tickets available here.

Reunion Tower

Photograph: visit Dallas
Dallas is a stunning city; however, you need to see it at night from above. Reunion Tower has been a staple of the city for over thirty years and the views are staggering. Definitely make sure to go to the Geo-Deck and the high-definition zoom cameras allow you to see in detail areas of Dallas you may not have had the chance to explore yet.

Book tickets here.

Fort Worth

Not going to see Fort Worth is one of the biggest regrets I have from the previous trip. I love old cowboy films as my Mum was raised on the Saturday Night Western in the UK and my grandfather pretending to sweep up the dust that the horses left at the end of the programme. In the main part of the city, there is a heritage trail which illustrates the stories of those who settled in and created Forth Worth, including its reputation as a cowboy town.

Since I missed out, I found their website really helpful when planning you trip.

Unfortunately, I didn't get as much time in Dallas as we would have liked, as the JFK tour does take all day and wanted some downtime after Houston and before San Antonio since we did not stop over those days. It was also a chance to get some laundry done, which was bliss (no, really, it was!) because on a 3-week long holiday, clothes need to washed, especially if I love to wear them. 

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