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City Profile: Dallas

The infamous Texas School Depository
On to the next stop in the Lone Star State: Dallas. There's a lot of history surrounding this city, and definitely not all of it good. 48 hours in one of the USA's fastest growing cities? No problem, allow me to guide you.

City Profile: Houston and Galveston

Time for the first international city profiles! Currently I am travelling abroad in the US of A road tripping west from Texas to California and you will be able to read all about my upcoming escapades in the Wild West right here."Houston, we have a problem" because you've only got 48 hours? Not to worry, I've got you covered with all the best places to visit.

My Carry-On Essentials

One hell of a view over Greenland en route to the USA

Packing a carry-on bag for a long haul flight with the right things are absolutely essential. I have been on a 12-hour flight before and trust me it was not fun; however, having some home comforts whilst cramped on an aeroplane with lots of other people can really make a difference. These are my carry-on essentials for surviving long flights (everything will be linked below!).

How to survive your first Comic Con

It's a scary world out there...
Photograph: East London News
MCM London is in just under two months (hooray!) which means every nerd in the country is going to be doing their last minute adjustments to perfect their cosplay, or - if you are like me - it's a mad rush to get it all done in time. This will be my first time attending a May convention, but I am slowly becoming a seasoned Con-goer with this being my eighth convention and fourth time to London, therefore this means I have also made many mistakes when attending. I wish then to pass on my pearls of wisdom to those who are thinking of attending or are going to their first convention on how to survive.

City Profile: London on a budget

Houses of Parliament August 2017
The scaffolding isn't there all the time, promise...
One of the most populated cities in the world and a historic centre bursting with culture, London is one of my favourite cities. Having started visiting the capital when I was twelve, the city has continued to awe inspire me and I love when I got to be a 'typical toursist' over the summer as I was showing my American friend what England's capital has to offer. However, I am also a student and with London being one of the most expensive cities in the world, £5.00 for a small white wine doesn't sound great to many people. So I'm here to help you out and show you that London can be done on a budget.

#InternationalWomensDay: My experiences of misogyny and sexism

Happy International Women's Day everyone! The past few months have been an extremely enlightening time for sexual harassment in the media and I am sure I was one of many women who could relate to those affected and spoke out. Since today is a celebration of strong independent women, I thought that I would share my experiences of sexism, misogyny and sexual harassment in a militarised environment and when cosplaying.

City Profile: Bath, UK

Alexandra Park at night
For my first city profile, I thought it would be appropriate to start with my city: Bath.

A UNESCO World Heritage City, founded by the Romans, adored by Jane Austen fans the world over, Bath is the city I call home and have been for over a year and a half. During that time, I have fallen in love with this ancient city and hallowed ground for the Romans, gaining knowledge of the best sites and spots for those wishing to visit.