Who I Am

Cruising down the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana 

So... it looks like I'm doing this.

Hi, my name is Katie and I get around to a lot of different places, hence my name. I am a twenty-year-old British university student and loyal Hufflepuff (who is, ironically, constantly losing things!). I have passion for travel, planning, films and television shows, as well as a gigantic nerd and cosplayer. After attempting to start a blog or a YouTube channel so many times, I have finally decided to be proactive and give it a go!

I spend a lot of my free time (when I have it) travelling around the United Kingdom and the world. I am extremely lucky to have been travelling to the United States and Canada for over 13 years with my family, and now I am exploring more of the European continent as a young adult. Some of my blog posts will be about travelling around North America and Europe, city profiles of places I have visited and would recommend to check out, and top tips to get you around.

Travel is a massive passion of mine, but this blog will also incorporate tips on surviving Comic Con, cosplay creations and updates, managing a long-distance relationship, planning in my Erin Condren LifePlanner, my experiences as a student at university and how to survive the three spent trying to get a degree, as well as film and television reviews of the latest films and shows which I have a dangerous obsession with.

Hopefully this introduction to myself and who I am will have convinced you to join me on my journey stumbling through adulthood, trying to figure out how it works!

Feel free to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for cool pictures I've taken and see what I'm thinking :P

- Katie

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