City Profile: Bath, UK

Alexandra Park at night
For my first city profile, I thought it would be appropriate to start with my city: Bath.

A UNESCO World Heritage City, founded by the Romans, adored by Jane Austen fans the world over, Bath is the city I call home and have been for over a year and a half. During that time, I have fallen in love with this ancient city and hallowed ground for the Romans, gaining knowledge of the best sites and spots for those wishing to visit.

The Roman Baths

Photograph: visitbath

Where Bath gets its namesake, the Roman Baths are located in the centre of the city and are impossible to miss. They are considered to be the best preserved ruins in the world and when you walk around them, it becomes extremely clear why. The balcony overlooking the Great Bath not only gives you a beautiful view of what is below you, but of the gorgeous side streets surrounding you and Bath Abbey towering above the rest of the city. Stepping through the baths is stepping through ancient history as everywhere you will walk was walked upon by people in 70 AD.

The Pump Rooms

Ooh artsy
Talked about in Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, and hailed as one of the most elegant buildings in the entire city, the Pump Rooms have stood since the late 18th Century. This beautiful restaurant is open for all three square meals, but my recommendation is treating yourself and someone else (Mother's Day is this weekend!) to afternoon teas. It is a bit pricey; however, if it is a special occasion I believe the setting could not be more perfect and the food is truly delicious.

Kingsmead Square

Kingsmead Square at night
Not exactly a tourist attraction, but my personal favourite spot to eat lunch or grab a coffee. Boston Tea Party on the northern corner of the Square is my preference for breakfast, brunch or lunch (basically if you hungry, go here!). They have everything from a full West Country Breakfast to vegan and gluten free options, so something for everyone (including a damn good fry up!).
Casual coffee places are abundant; however, Society CafĂ© do fantastic dark and white hot chocolates (if you like dark chocolate, get it - you won't regret it!), as well as great coffees. 

Kingsmead is also the best shortcut to the rest of town and up towards Queen Square, the Circus and the Royal Crescent. Use the road that is between Flan O'Brien's pub and the Sainsbury's Local in the circular building. 

The Royal Crescent and Royal Victoria Park

Beautiful, but freezing cold day!
One of Bath's most iconic landmarks, it's impossible to miss. Heading up from Kingsmead Square, the mighty crescent of houses stands tall above Royal Victoria Park where you can admire the gorgeous architecture and stroll around the grounds. During the summer time, I would strongly recommend bringing a picnic up to the large garden in front of the Crescent

Beckford's Tower

Uplifting photograph from the graveyard (sarcasm detected)
Designed by eccentric author William Beckford,this incredible tower allows visitors to view Bath in its entirety, into Bristol and on a clear day, into South Wales. It houses an incredible of Georgian books and artwork, as well as telling Beckford's life story and how he ended up in Bath. It is open from this Saturday (!!) to 28th October so plenty to time over Spring and Summer to come and have a look!

Prices and more information can be found here.

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- Katie 

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